University Preparation Programmes in United Kingdom

University Preparation Programmes in United Kingdom

For students who haven’t graduated from UK education system there are various University preparation programmes.

These programmes range from art to medicine and aim to prepare the student for UK universities. If the student starts these programmes from a younger age it increases their chance of getting accepted to UK’s best universities and makes it easier during their university life.

Especially medicine students benefit greatly from the 1-year preparatory programmes.

Some other programmes help students to fast track their A levels and complete their university qualifications.



This education can be obtained from an independent government or private school to get into a university in UK. It’s usually referred to as foundation and they can continue their studies in the foundation subject they’ve chosen in university.

This programme is especially helpful for students who haven’t decided their majors, who didn’t get accepted to their first-choice universities, who aims for a better university, who wants to get used to UK and its education system or who wants to study medicine in UK.

These programmes have no age limit

Depending on the subject and the student’s English level it can take from 2 semesters to 4-5 semesters

Our services during this process are:

  • Depending on the students preferred major and other preferences, we help them find a suitable school and location.
  • If the student wants a city and school visit including a demonstration of daily life in said city such as travelling, food, shopping.
  • During the application process corresponding between the student and the school.
  • If required, accompanying the student to application exams.
  • Counselling through the visa process (long term study requires TR4 type visa).