University Education in United Kingdom

University Education in United Kingdom

There are various options for university education for international students in UK

-Starting in Foundation level.

-International year one

-Pre sessional

-Sandwich year

  • Foundation includes a short, preparatory semester where the student can get his qualifications for the major, they want. Fouundation requires a sperate visa then regular student visa.
  • International year one, takes 3 years total, first year being the international year one. First year requires a different visa then the regular student visa.
  • Pre sessional is for students who didn’t have high enough Ielts scores for their desired University programmes. It mainly focuses on improving English skills of the student.Students can get pre sessional before starting a foundation or International year one.
  • Sandwich year takes place after the 2nd year of University where the student can go on a yearlong internship related to his/her major and then return to University to complete their final year. This system is excellent for students who wants to get work experience before graduating

If no one these options interest the student they can simply start university without participating any of these programmes as long as they are qualified for and accepted from the university.

Some universities partner with outside schools and education centres for these programmes.

Services we offer for students who want to study university in UK

-Recommending suitable Universities for the students preferred city, major and other needs.

-If the student wants, a city, school tour and a guide to daily life in said city.

-Help the student through their application process.

-Keep track of their acceptance status.

-Use the British UCASS system for them or guide them on using it.

-Guide the student on payments.

-Help them with their TR4 visa application.