Masters Education in United Kingdom

Masters Education in United Kingdom

United Kingdom has several options for international students who want to get a Masters level degree.

-Pre master

-Pre sessional

Pre master, Offers classes from the subject student’s interested in order to help them continue into a masters degree

It’s suited for students who wanted to continue a master’s degree in their University subject but couldn’t because of low grades or lack of credits.

This programme can last from 4 months to 9 months and the time varies depending on the student’s background. Their previous majors, their English level and education history can all effect the time of this course.

Pre sessional, pre sessional programs are specifically for students who need to improve their Ielts grades. This programme requires a visa but if the student plans on continuing a masters degree education they have a chance to extend their visas instead of applying for a new one.

Services we can give:

-Finding a suitable University depending on students major, specifications and needs.

-City and University tours if the student is interested.

-Help the student through their application process.

-Track their applications.

-Use United Kingdom’s UCASS system for the student.

-Guide the student through their required payments.

-Guide the student for their TR4 type visa