Language Schools in UK

Language Schools in UK

Britain offers a lot of different language programmes for different needs. There are special programmes for high school students, university students or even people in business who needs an ielts diploma. Depending on your English level, your desired English level and the time you are willing to spend on Uk we can help you find the perfect programme for you.

Summer Schools for Children

There are programmes available for children between the ages of 3-7. These programmes are usually attended by a large group of families who know each other and can be focused on fun or more educational aspects.

Academic Summer School

For students with good English levels these schools let them take classes on their interests. Top universities of Britain host these programmes so they can get used to the university environment and the city.

Certificate Programmes

These programmes suit students who wants to improve in certain subjects but don’t really have enough time to invest. These programmes can take from 4 days to 12 weeks and have even MBA programmes.