Highschool Education in United Kingdom

Highschool Education in United Kingdom

UK education system provides students with worldwide acknowledged degrees such as GCSEs, A Levels and International Baccalaureate (IB).

UK government schools and private schools can provide this education. But because of the age limit IGSCE program is only available in private schools. Government schools can still provide A levels and a host family.

Two types of private schools are boarding schools and independents schools. Boarding schools provide a living space inside the campus meanwhile independent schools provide residence outside the campus, usually with a host family.

UK high schools, alongside their academic programs offer various sport activities, art, social and cultural activities and environments. These help the student grow as a person and help improve their ethics, morals and social skills. Boarding schools especially care about helping their students be more thoughtful, honest, confident and respectful of other cultures.

Boarding schools with diverse student profiles help their students be world citizens, who respects people with different cultures, traditions, languages and religions.

Our services for UK high school transfers include:

  • Find schools according to the students and their parents’ needs and wishes. Tour of the schools and the city if the family wants to.
    Provide direct communication between the student and the school during the application process
  • If schools require certain exams during the application process, supervising the student through those.
  • Counselling during the Tier 4 Student visa application