Education Guardian Program

Education Guardian Program

Parents of students who decide to pursue an education in United Kingdom have a lot of questions and concerns

What would happen in an emergency? How can we keep in touch with them? Are they happy in their new school? How long would it take for them to adapt to a new country, a new school? Can they stay motivated? How does education in United Kingdom differentiate from ours? These types of concerns tend to discourage parents and students from seeking education in UK. I’ve been in this industry for years and my services aim to help you through this process

Education Guardians job is to look after the student while they are on boarding school or independent school and make sure they are healthy, happy and successful. Families can choose how long they need these benefits for. Education Guardians represent the family of the students to schools and can act upon certain things with the family’s permission. Families can choose to use as much or as little of these benefits. We are prepared fulfufil the need and wishes of the parents.

Our head office is in London which make is easier for us to personally travel to student’s school, dorm or host family house.

Education guardians are constantly in communication with schools. They track students social and academic progress, attend teacher meeting and give information this to student’s family.

Students can contact the Education guardian for every problem they have and can ask advice on things such as travel plans. Education guardians will do everything they can to keep student comfortable, safe and happy.

Education Guardian services:

  • Constant communication with the student before and during their time in UK. Making them feel secure.
  • Being the 1st contact on emergencies for the parents, school and children (24/7).
  • Visiting the student’s dorm or host family if needed.
  • Two school visits on their first term. Conversations with teachers about the student.
    • One visit per term after the first. Conversations with teachers about the student and their wellbeing.
    •Tracking the wellbeing of the student both academic and socially

• Open communication via phone and email.
• Help with student’s holiday journey plans.
• Help with their journey to and from the airport.