Covid 19 Support Program

Covid 19 Support Program

Covid-19 is a global pandemic and we are all advised to self-isolate and stay in our homes. Meanwhile some students are stuck in different countries in dorms or with their host families.

We are aware that this situation can go on for an uncertain amount of time.

In these trying times our coaching services for students and families continue.

We are aiming to provide FREE coaching for up to 2 students or families who are in need.

While we stay physically stay away from each other it is a great time for us to get together as a community.


Covid-19 epidemic disrupted a lot of peoples plans and routines. Kids can’t go to school, most education facilities swapped to online classes, people started working from home while some lost their jobs altogether meanwhile essential workers are keep working for us. 

During this period, it’s important for us to keep our mental health in check and stay calm and collected in these stressful times.

It is important for families to educate themselves on the virus and keep an understanding and loving environment in their homes for their children who might lose motivation.

To help out anyone in need I am active on all my socials

Best wishes

Sibel Yilmaz